Mervin Smucker – Imagery Rescripting

Presentation of the Imagery Rescripting & Reprocessing Therapy

IRRT is a treatment approach that is designed to help people to process and to master their traumatic memories. In addition the treatment can help to gain more self-confidence and develop more control in everyday life and to move forward in life successfully.

Much of the work will involve the use of imagery. That is, asking you to visually recall and re-experience the traumatic images, thoughts and feelings that you experience during a flashback or nightmare.

First you are asked to visually recall the entire memories of a traumatic episode. Then you go through the traumatic images again, this time the imagery will be transformed gradually that the outcome is much better – an outcome that gives you a feeling of power and control.

The aim is to replace victimization imagery with mastery imagery, so that you confront your trauma no longer as a victim, but as an empowered person. That certainly does not change the traumatic incident, but it can change the images, thoughts, feelings and beliefs concerning the trauma, that is the images of the trauma you still have.